Andorra Real Estate Guide

Andorra property: what of future developments?

Depending on where you are from, renting, buying or investing in Andorran real estate is probably fairly different to what you’re used to.

Property in Andorra is extremely varied – from half constructed new buildings and hundred year old farm houses to fully detached, secluded chalets and inner-city or village apartments with the absolute highest quality finishes.

Pricing these properties isn’t very straightforward. There’s no public register for what properties have sold for previously, so it’s important to either find an estate agent you can truly trust, or spend a good deal of time evaluating the market.

Before we get stuck in, I’m writing this post as an individual living in Andorra and nothing more. I am not a real estate agent and I don’t know anywhere near as much as those who have been here for a lifetime. I am, however, not selling anything, so I hope you’ll find these unbiased notes (from my own personal research) helpful.

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You Don’t Owe Me a Thing

A letter to my son.

It’s been a week since you were born, but I’ve been thinking about this since well before you were conceived.

The job of a parent is a tough one. It will be hard for your mother and I, as it was for our parents and their parents. We will make mistakes, but will do our very best to correct them.

“No matter what you want, or how you intend to get it, you have to pay a price for it.”

There are many a price to pay when bringing a child into this world.

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The Best Place to Live in Andorra

Carretera de Montaup in Canillo is a beautiful place to live

When we first came to Andorra, I didn’t really know where we should live. We read a few things online and watched a couple of videos, but none of them told the full story.

We chose to live in Andorra for it’s great lifestyle, so we wanted to pick the best place to live in the country that suited our needs.

In this post I’ll run you through each region, give some pros and cons and tell you my favourite areas of each comu.

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The New Normal

The New Normal

I’ve just finished my lunch at an awesome Vietnamese take-out place in Barcelona after checking into my hostel. I’m looking out to a typical street where locals go about their daily routines and tourists obliviously block traffic, both in cars and on foot.

As usual the women here are gorgeous. In this district, the men always seem to look sharp. I need a haircut. Or a tattoo. Or both.

Anyway, I love this city. It’s alive! “It’s the vibe.”

My friend who also lives in Andorra drove me down. He’s in his early 40s, is part owner of a safari camp in Kenya and grew up in Barcelona. He is seeing his mother while he’s down here.

In the car was our early 20’s friend from Ukraine who has been living on his own in Barcelona since he was 16. His parents wanted him to study abroad to give him a better future than he could have at home.

It’s only a quick visit; 2 nights to connect with some other entrepreneurs, learn some new things, be challenged and meet some quality people.

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