What I’m Doing Now

I’m at home in Andorra. It’s February and I have already been mountain biking at around 1,800m, with little snow to stop me.

While climate change is concerning, this warm winter has been great for my family. We make a point of getting out into the mountains every weekend, playing with some trucks and excavator toys in the dirt.

Almost 2 months into the year, I have a lot to get done. 2020’s going to be a challenging one, but as I spent the tail end of 2019 clarifying my vision, 2020 will be all about executing. Here’s the plan:

  1. Continue helping local and international businesses with their SEO. While I used to take calls on demand, I’m far too booked up nowadays so I’m transitioning to “productised services”. Where there’s a fit I’ll be shifting clients into my monthly SEO framework at Dialed Labs.
  2. Continue growing my automotive audience. My goal is evergreen 100,000 monthly visitors by the end of the year, without sacrificing my tight niche.
  3. Launching Digitial Dividends and buying at least $1M in websites on behalf of investors (including myself).
  4. To develop the MVP for Rank Defender and find product market fit. Many Dialed Labs customers will be a fit for this service. The goal is to fine tune the service this year and get all of our systems in place, where we can reliably sell the service to Digital Dividends – it effectively becomes part of our “infrastructure”. When it’s proven, the plan is to scale it to the moon (what could possibly go wrong? :D)
  5. Continue to get strong at the gym, but add more volume into my workouts so I actually put on some visible muscle for a change. I’m eating everything I see (plant based) at the moment but will cut over the Summer.
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January coffee break. 👌

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Aside from this I really want to enjoy where I live again this year. Last year I hustled, and while I will work hard in 2020, I’m going to be more strategic. More mountain biking and hiking will happen this summer, mark my words!

This is a now pageIf my activities or priorities change, I’ll update it.

Last updated: March 7, 2020 at 21:13 pm.