Maker, Manager & Dreamer Schedule

Maker, Manager & Dreamer Schedule

Are you a maker, manager, or a dreamer? A technician, the boss, or an entrepreneur? Every individual brings different value, but simply put:

  • an entrepreneur changes the business,
  • a manager runs the business, and
  • a technician masters their craft.

It may seem that you need to choose a role in your career. While some clearly choose a role, most of our personalities share traits with many of these roles, either in different times during our life or simultaneously.

The challenge is to schedule according to your role/s, realizing that different roles have different needs.

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Selling My Website Business: Lessons Learned

Selling My Website Business. Pictured: Code that has nothing to so with said website business.

A few months ago I decided to sell my website business. Established back in 2011, the site began as a hobby and a way for me to support the brands that supported me by way of discounted or free products.

Though the site started as a passion project, over the years it began generating an increasing amount of income by way of affiliate sales and product sales through Amazon and ShareASale.

Through this post I’ll tell you why I sold my website, how it ended up selling and lessons learned along the way. Of course, I am no expert so please do your own due diligence if you are looking to sell your own website.

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Business Idea Evaluation

The biggest mistake any one of us can make is wasting time. While it is fun to dream up new businesses, we need some quick methods for business idea evaluation to make sure that demand for your product exists.

If demand already exists, you simply have to convert those customers or clients from the services or products of another business, or better yet – fill the need that does not currently exist in the market (no competition!).

If there is no demand, your business will have to find and educate your audience to teach them why they need your product. This costs money, or worse – time, typically neither are in great supply for grass roots startups.

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