Lifestyle First

Lifestyle First

When many of us set out to a start a business, it’s often to make either a more positive change to our life, or to the world. Ask around and commonly cited reasons for starting a business tend to involve:

  • flexibility of working hours,
  • more quality time with family,
  • higher income,
  • realizing a passion,
  • being the boss,
  • location independence,
  • having more control, especially control of income, or,
  • overall, a better balance.

But nearly all business owners find themselves at one stage or another, living completely contrary to what they set out to achieve…10 years into a 3 year plan, delaying gratification, with no end in sight.

A lot of digital nomads set out to start a business that keeps them fed, sheltered and free to roam as they please. But lifestyle creep and the previously unforeseen success of their business can quickly change their 4-hour work week dream into 60 hours a week and on-call for the rest of the time.

I’ve also fallen into this trap – money was never a motivator, I simply wanted the freedom to live wherever I pleased and not have to take a significant pay cut to do so. But since going down this path, I have regularly found myself working on weekends, replying to emails at 10pm at night and so on, simply because I let my business, and my personal standards take control.

So how do we tackle this situation?

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