Moments Like These

I remember sipping a beer and watching the sun set above the clouds at around 2280m above sea level.

The mountain staff left us with the keys in a situation not many people are lucky enough to be allowed to experience.

What was a night of drinking before skiing out under the full moon to my friends was a pivotal moment for me.

Something clicked.

Life doesn’t need to be 40 hours in an office and feeling older than you really are, wasting your days for another dollar.

It’s not that I didn’t want to work, I have worked much more than 40 hours a week since. It was the value – I needed to be doing something that mattered.

A not-so-well travelled Aussie at the time, this sunset was opened my eyes, mind and soul to new possibilities.

Lesson learned: seek out new things. Who knows what it will bring?

That and save your photos in full resolution!

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